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Eric Clapton - Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD1.CD2


1Eric ClaptonHold On
2Eric ClaptonOld Love
3Derek & The DominosKey To The Highway
4Eric ClaptonCome Back Baby
5Eric ClaptonPromises
6Eric ClaptonBreaking Point
7Eric ClaptonOpposites
8Eric ClaptonI'm Tore Down
9Eric Clapton & VariousBig River
Vocals – Eric Clapton
10 2000 - Money And Cigarettes
11Eric ClaptonShe's Gone
12Eric ClaptonWatch Out For Lucy
13Eric ClaptonWhen You Got A Good Friend
14Eric ClaptonLayla
15Eric ClaptonSomething Special
16Eric ClaptonHigh
17Eric ClaptonTold You For The Last Time
18 1975 - There's One In Every Crowd
19Eric ClaptonBlack Summer Rain
20Eric ClaptonTraveling Riverside Blues
21Eric ClaptonPretty Girl
22Eric ClaptonMean Old World
23Eric ClaptonCocaine
24Eric ClaptonBadge
25Eric ClaptonMotherless Children
26Eric ClaptonLittle Wing
27Eric ClaptonIf I Don't Be There By Morning
28Eric ClaptonEasy Now
29Eric ClaptonHello Old Friend
30 1976 - No Reason To Cry
31Eric Clapton & FriendsWest Coast Idea
32Eric ClaptonSomeday After A While
33Eric ClaptonRunning On Faith
34Eric Clapton & VariousSteppin' Out
Vocals – Levon Helm
35 2000 - Behind The Sun
36Eric ClaptonWalkin' Blues
37Eric ClaptonBroken Hearted
38 2001 - Reptile
39 1998 - From Yardbirds To Bluesbreakers
40Eric ClaptonBefore You Accuse Me
41Eric ClaptonLost And Found
42Eric ClaptonTulsa Time
43Eric ClaptonStop Breakin' Down Blues
44Eric ClaptonLay Down Sally
45Eric ClaptonRun Home To Me
46Eric ClaptonCatch Me If You Can
47Eric ClaptonI'm Going Left
48Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (David Morales Radio Edit)
49Eric ClaptonPiece Of My Heart
50 1978 - Backless
51Eric ClaptonLove Don't Love Nobody
52Eric ClaptonTell Me That You Love Me
53Eric ClaptonAin't That Loving You
54Eric ClaptonMainline Florida
55Eric ClaptonFloating Bridge
56Eric ClaptonRevolution
57Eric ClaptonShe's Waiting
58Eric ClaptonMalted Milk
59Eric ClaptonI Can't Hold Out
60Eric ClaptonRita Mae
61Eric ClaptonBottle Of Red Wine
62Eric ClaptonThe Sky Is Crying
63Eric ClaptonOld Love
64Eric ClaptonMilkcow's Calf Blues
65Eric ClaptonTearing Us Apart
66 1976 - Happy, Happy Birthday Eric!
67Eric ClaptonCome On In My Kitchen
68Eric ClaptonRoll It
69Eric ClaptonCryin'
70Eric ClaptonCrazy Country Hop
71Eric ClaptonBefore You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself ) (Version 2 Previously Unreleased)
72Eric Clapton & VariousThe Water Is Wide
Vocals – Bob Dylan
73Eric ClaptonHave You Ever Loved A Woman
74Eric ClaptonTake A Chance
75Derek & The DominosTell The Truth
76Eric ClaptonDouble Trouble
77 1999 - (I) Get Lost (Single)
78Derek & The DominosThorn Tree In The Garden
79Eric ClaptonDon't Know Why
80Eric Clapton Little Rachel
81Eric ClaptonNeeds His Woman
82Eric ClaptonSteady Rollin' Man
83Eric ClaptonBelieve In Life
84Eric ClaptonAfter Midnight
85Eric ClaptonYou Were There
86Eric ClaptonNobody Knows You When You're Down & Out
87Eric ClaptonI Shot The Sheriff
88Eric ClaptonInnocent Times
89Eric ClaptonKind Hearted Woman Blues
90Eric Clapton & FriendsGot To Hurry
91Eric ClaptonMy Father's Eyes
92Eric ClaptonBroken Down
93Eric ClaptonGive Me Strength
94Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (Stereo Dub)
95Eric Clapton Hey Hey
96Eric ClaptonGoing Down Slow
97Eric ClaptonThey're Red Hot
98Eric ClaptonWhite Room
99Eric ClaptonPlease Be With Me
100Eric ClaptonWillie And The Hand Jive
101Eric ClaptonSick And Tired
102Eric ClaptonWorried Life Blues
103Eric ClaptonSan Francisco Bay Blues
104Eric ClaptonNext Time You See Her
105Eric ClaptonAin't Gonna Stand For It
106Eric ClaptonMotherless Child
107 1974 - 461 Ocean Boulevard
108Eric ClaptonBehind The Mask
109Eric ClaptonIt Hurts Me Too
110Derek & The DominosI Am Yours
111Eric ClaptonWe're All The Way
112Eric ClaptonBlues Leave Me Alone
113 1991 - 24 Nights
114Eric ClaptonForever Man
115 1970 - Derek & The Dominos Layla
116Derek & The DominosIt's Too Late
117Eric Clapton Old Love
118Eric ClaptonStandin' Round Crying
119Eric ClaptonBad Boy
120Derek & The DominosHave You Ever Loved A Woman
121Eric ClaptonPretending
122Eric ClaptonIt's In The Way That You Use It
123Eric ClaptonBlow Wind Blow
124Eric ClaptonRollin' & Tumblin'
125 1994 - From The Cradle
126Eric ClaptonTo Make Somebody Happy
127Eric ClaptonGet Ready
128Eric ClaptonMe And The Devil Blues
129Eric ClaptonTangled In Love
130Eric ClaptonPretty Blue Eyes
131Derek & The Dominos I Looked Away
132Eric ClaptonHell Hound On My Trail
133Eric ClaptonEverybody Oughta Make A Change
134Eric Clapton Alberta
135Eric ClaptonSwing Low Sweet Chariot
136Eric ClaptonLast Fair Deal Gone Down
137 1986 - August
138Eric ClaptonLet It Grow
139Eric ClaptonBad Love
140Derek & The DominosKeep On Growing
141Eric ClaptonLet It Rain
142 1992 - Unplugged
143Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight
144Eric ClaptonGolden Ring
145Eric ClaptonTravelling Light
146Eric ClaptonHoochie Coochie Man
147Eric ClaptonCan't Find My Way Home
148Eric ClaptonSomething's Happening
149Eric ClaptonWalk Away
150Eric ClaptonHold Me Lord
151Eric ClaptonOne Track Mind
152 1975 - E.C. Was Here
153Eric ClaptonSlow Down Linda
154 1981 - Another Ticket
155Derek & The DominosAnyday
156Eric ClaptonBeautiful Thing
157Eric ClaptonPresence Of The Lord
158Eric ClaptonLonesome And A Long Way From Home
159Eric ClaptonHow Long Blues
160Eric ClaptonModern Girl
161Eric Clapton & Various Idiot Wind
Vocals – Bob Dylan
162Eric ClaptonI Can't Stand It
163Derek & The DominosWhy Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
164Eric ClaptonLonely Stranger
165Eric ClaptonBlack Rose
166Eric ClaptonAlberta (Previously Unreleased)
167Eric Clapton & FriendsSnake Drive
168Eric ClaptonBetter Make It Through Today
169Eric ClaptonRiver Of Tears
170Eric ClaptonReptile
171Eric ClaptonThe Shape You're In
172Eric ClaptonFive Long Years
173Derek & The DominosLittle Wing
174 2004 - Me And Mr Johnson
175Eric ClaptonI Want A Little Girl
176Derek & The Dominos Layla
177Eric ClaptonCrosscut Saw
178Eric ClaptonPeaches And Diesel
179Eric ClaptonIf I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
180Eric ClaptonMay You Never
181Eric ClaptonGroaning The Blues
182Eric ClaptonPilgrim
183Eric Clapton32-20 Blues
184 1977 - Slowhand
185Eric ClaptonBorn In Time
186Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (Original Version)
187Eric ClaptonGot You On My Mind
188Eric ClaptonWe've Been Told (Jesus Coming Soon)
189Eric Clapton & VariousAdios Mi Corason
Vocals – Bob Dylan
190Eric ClaptonIt All Depends
191Eric ClaptonSo Tired
192Eric ClaptonI've Got A Rock N' Roll Heart
193Eric Clapton & FriendsFreight Loader
194Eric ClaptonInside Of Me
195Eric ClaptonI'll Make Love To You Anytime
196Eric ClaptonSigne
197Eric Clapton & FriendsA Certain Girl
198Eric ClaptonCarnival
199Eric Clapton & VariousHard Times
Vocals – Rick Danko
200Eric ClaptonWatch Yourself
201Eric ClaptonRun So Far
202Eric ClaptonNever Make You Cry
203Eric ClaptonMeet Me (Down At The Bottom)
204Eric ClaptonGrand Illusion
205Eric ClaptonFind Myself
206Eric ClaptonReconsider Baby
207Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (David Morales Club Mix)
208Eric Clapton & VariousWho Do You Love?
Vocals – Van Morrison
209Eric Clapton & VariousStormy Monday
Vocals – Van Morrison
210Eric ClaptonKnock On Wood
211Eric ClaptonDon't Blame Me
212Eric ClaptonFall Like Rain
213Eric ClaptonRamblin' On My Mind
214Eric ClaptonLittle Queen Of Spades
215Eric ClaptonLead Me On
216Eric ClaptonWalk Out In The Rain
217Eric ClaptonCircus
218 1998 - Pilgrim
219Eric ClaptonSame Old Blues
220Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (Yost Nothing Without U Radio Edit)
221 1999 - Blues
222Eric ClaptonLovin' You Lovin' Me
223Eric ClaptonGoin' Away Baby
224Eric ClaptonLast Night
225Eric ClaptonLove Comes To Everyone
226Eric ClaptonOne Day
227Eric ClaptonAll Our Pastimes
228Eric ClaptonBlues Before Sunrise
229Eric Clapton & VariousJam
230Eric ClaptonSingin' The Blues
231Eric Clapton & FriendsFor Your Love
232Eric ClaptonFurther On Up The Road
233Eric ClaptonDriftin' Blues
234Eric ClaptonNo Alibis
235Eric ClaptonJust Like A Prisoner
236Eric ClaptonOne Chance
237Eric ClaptonSuperman Inside
238Eric ClaptonHungry
239Eric ClaptonSign Language
240Eric ClaptonMan Overboard
241Eric ClaptonBack Home
242Eric ClaptonLove In Vain
243Eric ClaptonSecond Nature
244Eric ClaptonMean Old Frisco
245Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (Yost Nothing Without U Mix)
246 1989 - Journeyman
247Derek & The DominosBell Bottom Blues
248Eric Clapton & VariousIt's Eric Clapton's Birthday
Vocals – Billy Preston
249Eric ClaptonSay What You Will
250Eric Clapton & FriendsI Whish You Would
251Eric Clapton & FriendsDraggin' My Tail
252Eric ClaptonBehind The Sun
253Eric ClaptonHoodoo Man
254Eric ClaptonAnother Ticket
255Eric ClaptonSee What Love Can Do
256 2005 - Back Home
257Eric ClaptonSlunky
258Eric ClaptonDriftin'
259Eric ClaptonAin't Going Down
260Eric ClaptonSunshine Of Your Love
261Eric ClaptonCounty Jail Blues
262Eric ClaptonDon't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
263Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (Yost Acoustic Tears Mix)
264Eric ClaptonMiss You
265 1970 - Eric Clapton
266Eric ClaptonHoly Mother
267Eric ClaptonHound Dog
268John MayerOld Love
269Eric ClaptonSon & Sylvia
270Eric ClaptonHung Up On Your Love
271Eric ClaptonHard Times
272Eric ClaptonRun
273Eric ClaptonBefore You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself) (Version 1 Previously Unreleased)
274Eric ClaptonMan In Love
275Eric ClaptonAnything For Your Love
276Eric ClaptonBell Bottom Blues
277Eric ClaptonBlues Power
278Eric ClaptonThe Core
279Eric ClaptonThird Degree
280Derek & The DominosNobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
281Eric ClaptonTears In Heaven
282Eric ClaptonSinner's Prayer
283Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight
284Eric ClaptonWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps
285Eric Clapton(I) Get Lost (Yost Lost & Found Dub)
286Eric ClaptonEdge Of Darkness
287Eric ClaptonBad Influence
288Eric ClaptonEarly In The Morning


Total: 277 tracks. Total time: 20:21:00 (hh:mm:ss)

From back cover:

(c)&)(p) STAR RECORDS, 2006
Все права защищены. Музыкальная программа для ЭВМ. Предназначена для частного использования и прослушивания на ЭВМ. Воспроизведение и сдача в прокат без разрешения правообладателя запрещены.Компьютерный диск формата CD-ROM. Содержит музыкальную запись программы для ЭВМ. Не подлежит обязательной сертификации. Избегать попадания на компакт-диск прямых солнечных лучей и влаги. Не подвергать механическому воздействию.
Изготовитель: ООО "Олимпий", 344000, г. Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Нансена, 109, Лицензия МПТР России ВАФ № 77-81. Адрес для направления претензий: 344029, г. Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Менжинского, д. 2. Оптовая продажа компакт-дисков: 344000, г. Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Красноармейская 170.

Manufactured as a standard Double Jewel case with a 4-page booklet..


  • Barcode (Printed): 4 603223 245713
  • Barcode (Scanned): 4603223245713
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): Eric Clapton [Star Records logo] ДАЁШЬ МУЗЫКУ MP3collection [Star Records logo] IFPI J829 MP3DM-158-5
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): Eric Clapton [Star Records logo] ДАЁШЬ МУЗЫКУ MP3collection [Star Records logo] IFPI J829 MP3DM-159-5
  • SPARS Code (CD1.CD2): DDD


  • Copyright (c) – Star Records
  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – Star Records
  • Manufactured By – ООО "Олимпий"


Blues Night. Eric Clapton - Blues Night 1991. To favorites 0 Download album. Listen album. Rock Blues Blues Rock. Eric Clapton. Songs in album Eric Clapton - Blues Night 1991. Eric Clapton - Lights Are On But Nobody's Home. Eric Clapton - Black Cat Bone. Eric Clapton - I Feel So Good. Eric Clapton - Reconsider Baby. Eric Clapton - Stranger Blues. Все песни исполнителя CD 1, Eric Clapton Вы можете скачать бесплатно в mp3-формате, либо слушайте песню Eric Clapton - Believe In Life - Reptile 2001 CD 1, Eric Clapton - Travelin Light - Reptile 2001 CD 1, Eric Clapton - Reptile - Reptile 2001 CD 1, а также рингтоны на звонок и все новые треки. CD 2, Eric Clapton скачать mp3 в хорошем качестве, либо слушайте песню Eric Clapton - Second Nature - Reptile 2001 CD 2, Eric Clapton - Modern Girl - Reptile 2001 CD 2, Eric Clapton - Superman Inside - Reptile 2001 CD 2, Eric Clapton - I Want A Little Girl - Reptile 2001 CD 2, Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood - Cocaine CD2, а также рингтоны на звонок и все новые треки. Andy Fairweather Low Eric Clapton Crossroads 2013, CD 2 Gin House Blues. Star Mark Greatest Hits CD2 Eric Clapton, Tears In Heaven. Eric Clapton Crossroads Fourty Four And Five 1995 CD2. Eric Clapton Superman Inside - Reptile 2001 CD 2. Album: Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection . Style: Blues Rock, Classic Rock. Released: 2006. Country: Russia. WMA vers. size: 1742 mb. Other formats. TTA MP3 WMA MP2 FLAC AUD AAC. Rating: 4. Votes: 104. Download links. Eric Clapton - Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection MP3 album RAR archive. Eric Clapton & Friends - The Album. Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, Jimmy Page, Ginger Baker. One More Car, One More Rider. I Shot The Sheriff. So Much to Say - A Collection of Blues Songs by Your Favorite British Artists Like Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, T. Mcphee, John Mayall, And More сборник. El Tren Blindado. Classic Yardbirds Vol. Eric Clapton STAGES CD 1993 MUSIC ALBUM GREAT ORIGINAL COLLECTION FANS. ILS . From Israel. Eric Clapton The Royal Albert Hall, London. Forever Man. Early Recordings

Eric Clapton - Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD1.CD2

Performer: Eric Clapton

Title: Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD1.CD2

Country: Russia

Release date: 2006

Label: Star Records

Style: Blues Rock, Classic Rock

Genre: Rock / Blues / Pop

Size MP3: 2242 mb

Size FLAC: 1819 mb

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Votes: 863

Record source: 2 × CD, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 192 kbps

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